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Викторина PokerRoomschool ответы

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1) The most important decisions you make playing fixed-limit Texas holdem are made:
OTBET: After the flop
2) A showdown is the time during the game when the following happens:
OTBET: All players still in the hand turn up their cards and the best hand wins
3) If you can't decide what to do with your starting hand, what should you do?
4) From the list below, choose the word that best describes a term used at the poker table during the betting rounds:
OTBET: All of the above
5) You are dealt (Ah,Kd) on the button and you make a pre-flop raise. 4 players call your raise. The flop comes out (7c,Ks,2h). All four players check around to you. You make a bet and three players fold and one calls in front of you. The turn comes 7h. Again it is checked to you by your heads up opponent. What is the best course of action from the following
OTBET: You have the initiative and a made hand. You should make yet another bet here.
6) In holdem poker, which suit ranks highest
OTBET: none of the above 7) On the river you make your full house, and there are 3 players still left in the hand and you are first to act. Which of the following best describes what your next move should be
OTBET: Check/Raise 8) The betting in the first round of action begins with which player?
OTBET: The player to the left of the big blind
9) Which of these is not a betting phrase in poker:
OTBET: Increase 10) When acting last on the river, your decision should be based upon?
OTBET: Your hands realized value
11) How many different two-card starting combinations exist?
OTBET: 169
12) If you are involved in a big pot of $90 at the river. Your opponent bets making the making the pot now $96. According to pot odds, what are the odds here on your money that should make this an obvious call
OTBET: 16 to 1
13) When is it correct to check-raise in limit holdem
OTBET: If you believe you will have the best hand most of the time you are called
14) In poker the word nuts describes a situation when a player is holding:
OTBET: a premium hand that cannot be beat
15) What does check mean
OTBET: To make no bet
16) If a player is involved in a lot of hands, calling almost any bet, this player best described as a:
OTBET: loose player
17) Poker is a game of
OTBET: Mostly skill with an element of luck
18) Which is the highest ranking hand from the list below
OTBET: flush
19) How many community cards need to be exposed in order to have a flush
20) You are dealt a monster hand on the flop such as a flush or a full-house. How should these types of hands be played?
OTBET: As this is a premium hand, you should bet and raise as much as possible as to get as much money in the pot as possible.
21) What do you call playing without the cards in your hands, but rather making up your hand entirely from the community cards?
OTBET: Playing the board
22) When you flop a big hand, what should you do
OTBET: Give your opponents an opportunity to catch up without giving them a free card that could beat you.
23) The betting in the first round of action begins with which player:
OTBET: The player first after Big Blind
24) On seeing the flop, you have now seen:
OTBET: 71% of the cards in the hand
25) If the SB is $2 how much will the BB be
26) When playing a made hand on the river, when is it correct to fold from the following possibilities
OTBET: If you are not sure if you have the winning hand, and your opponent bets.
27) When acting last on the river, your decision should be based upon?
OTBET: Your hands realized value.
28) How many ranks of each suit are there in a typical deck of cards used in Texas Hold'em
29) The secret to becoming a skillful, winning player at Limit Holdem is
OTBET: Never play weak hands from the wrong position
30) You should check-raise if you believe
OTBET: You will have the best hand most of the time you are called
31) Which full house is the weakest?
OTBET: 44422
32) Flush is a poker hand that contains:
OTBET: Five cards of same suit.
33) Which of these is another name for a full house?
OTBET: Boat.
34) What is a stack?
OTBET: The money you bring to the poker table.
35) An overpair is understood to be
OTBET: a pair in a starting hand that is higher than the highest card on the board.
36) What is a draw?
OTBET: An unformed hand, lacking one card to become a made hand.
37) What is the order of the community cards?
OTBET: The flop, the turn, the river
38) Check-raise means:
OTBET: To refrain from betting hoping for another bet from an opponent
39) The flop completely misses your hand, what should you do
40) What is the correct order?
OTBET: Flop, Turn, River
41) If you play a lot of hands pre-flop you play:
OTBET: Loose
42) In TH, if there was a bet, a raise and a reraise, can you raise again?
OTBET: It depends whether its a fixed limit or a no limit game
43) What is a draw?
OTBET: An incomplete hand missing one card to become a valuable hand
44) Which of the following is the strongest poker hand?
OTBET: Four of a kind
45) In TH your position is determined by:
OTBET: The dealer button
46) An all-in bet is possible:
OTBET: In all forms of poker - it depends on your stack and the bet size
47) In pot limit Hold'em the maximum bet in any stage is:
OTBET: The pot size
48) What is the worst starting hand in Texas Holdem?
OTBET: 72 off suit
49) When joining a TH game you:
OTBET: Must post a big blind bet immediately
50) In TH, a poker hand consists of _____ cards:
51) Playing tight means:
OTBET: Playing very selectively with your starting hands
52) The button determines the:
OTBET: Betting order
53) When a player is said to be on "tilt" he is:
OTBET: Upset due to earlier hands and playing badly 54) A pocket pair is:
OTBET: A pair made by your hole cards
55) Position is important because
OTBET: You can see other players' decisions before you decide and plan your play accordingly.
56) The "kicker" in Texas Hold'em is:
OTBET: Your unpaired hole card
57) It is important to observe your opponents when you are not playing a hand because:
OTBET: You can use this information when you play against them
58) If you have "the nuts" you:
OTBET: Have the best possible hand
59) In TH a player must use at least one of his hole cards:
OTBET: Not true
60) The key strategic aim when playing poker is:
OTBET: To win the most money
61) Pocket rockets are:
OTBET: A pair of Aces in the hole
62) If you are playing the board you
OTBET: Are not using any of your hole cards
63) In Hold'em, check raising is considered rude
OTBET: Not true
64) When you just got a very bad beat and lost a big pot on the river, you should:
OTBET: Relax and take a short break
66) In Hold'em, who is the first player to act pre-flop?
OTBET: The player after the big blind
67) The rake in tournaments is:
OTBET: There is no rake, rather a fixed fee attached to the buy in
68) In TH, the big blind:
OTBET: Is twice the size of the small blind
69) When sitting at a table with more experienced players, you should:
OTBET: Play more aggressively than usual
70) Complete the sentence the more players in the pot the...?
OTBET: More you should raise to keep them out
71) The pot in TH is always won by the player who has the best hand
OTBET: True but sometimes the pot is split when two players have the same hand
72) When choosing a seat at a poker table you should sit
OTBET: Behind the big stack so you can watch him play
73) A loose passive player is a player who:
OTBET: Plays a lot of hands and does not bet often
74) How many rounds of betting are there in Texas Hold'em?
75) If you have been playing very tight for a while you should:
OTBET: Make big bluffs because you can get a way with it now
76) When considering which cards to play pre-flop which is NOT a factor?
OTBET: How long you have been playing
77) If you bet the pot you:
OTBET: Bet the size of the pot

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